Vehicle Patrol Security

Integrous Risk Solutions is happy to announce its rollout of our vehicle patrol security program for the Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, and Brooklyn Center areas. Vehicle Patrol Security is a type of security service that involves using marked security vehicles and licensed armed security personnel to monitor and protect a certain area, property, or facility. This method of security is commonly employed by various organizations, including private security firms, law enforcement agencies, and even businesses that want to ensure the safety of their premises.

Key features and aspects of vehicle patrol security include:

  1. Visual Deterrence: The presence of our security vehicles patrolling an area act as a visual deterrent to potential criminals or trespassers. The idea is that the sight of security personnel in marked vehicles will discourage unauthorized activities.
  2. Constant Surveillance: Security vehicles patrol designated routes or areas regularly, maintaining a constant presence and watching for any signs of suspicious behavior, vandalism, theft, or other security threats.
  3. Rapid Response: In the event of an incident or emergency, security vehicles quickly respond to the scene, assess the situation, and take appropriate actions, such as calling for backup or notifying law enforcement.
  4. Vulnerability Assessment: Vehicle patrols identify vulnerabilities in the security of an area. This information will be used to implement better security measures and strategies.
  5. Varied Coverage: Security vehicles cover large areas that might be difficult to monitor solely on foot. This is especially important for properties with extensive grounds or multiple buildings.
  6. Customizable Routes: Patrol routes are customized based on the specific needs of the area. High-risk areas can be given more attention, and patterns can be varied to prevent predictability.
  7. Documentation: Our security personnel will document their patrols, noting the time, location, and any observations made during their rounds. This documentation can be useful for incident reporting, investigations, and ensuring accountability and will be provided to each client daily.
  8. Technological Integration: Our vehicle patrol security package incorporates technology such as GPS tracking, two-way communication systems, surveillance cameras, and alarms to enhance effectiveness and response capabilities.
  9. Collaboration with Other Security Measures: Vehicle patrols can be integrated with other security measures, such as access control systems, perimeter fencing, and security cameras, to create a comprehensive security strategy.
  10. 24/7 Coverage: Depending on the nature of the security requirements, vehicle patrols can operate around the clock to provide continuous security coverage.


It’s important to note that while vehicle patrol security can be effective, it’s just one component of a holistic security strategy. Effective security often requires a combination of physical measures, technology, trained personnel, and well-defined protocols to mitigate risks and respond to threats effectively. Please contact us at 910-302-3623 or contact on our website

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