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Physical security shouldn’t be stressful. With Rhombus, you can make your spaces safer and smarter with a platform that’s intuitive to use for your entire team. Built by cybersecurity experts, Rhombus delivers a cloud-based platform that eliminates bulky hardware, is secure by default, and has built-in AI analytics so you can see, manage, and respond to threats in real-time. 

About Rhombus

Protecting your organization has never been easier. Rhombus delivers an enterprise physical security platform that combines smart security cameras, IoT sensors, and integrations with 3rd party solutions all under one unified console. Rhombus simplifies security operations and is trusted by school districts, commercial real estate, healthcare facilities, Fortune 500 companies, and more.

Security Simplified

Manage it all on one powerful platform.

Rhombus offers a game-changer for security management: say goodbye to scattered systems and outdated NVR/DVRs! Unify and control all your devices across all locations, anytime, anywhere, from any device. Manage an unlimited number of locations and devices seamlessly from one central console, eliminating the hassle of NVR/DVRs, servers, and hard drive maintenance. Enjoy peace of mind with continuous system health monitoring and automatic updates – all you need is a device to access your complete security overview.

The Power of Choice

Seamless integrations for a streamlined ecosystem.

Ditch data silos and build the ultimate security ecosystem! Rhombus seamlessly integrates with dozens of best-in-class business solutions in just a few clicks. Streamline operations, protect your space with the perfect tools, and future-proof your security with complete control. Securely connect with third-party solutions in minutes, or tap into the Rhombus Open API’s power to unlock custom functionality, tailoring your security to your unique needs. Choose flexibility, efficiency, and the power to adapt – choose Rhombus.

The Benefits of Smart, Stress-Free Security

Integrous Technologies enables our client’s to feel confident about the actions they take to protect their family, employees, operations, facilities, and assets.

Why Clients Love Our Security Tech

The benefits to integrated and smart security are many. But these are some of the reasons our clients love Integrous Technologies.

Intuitive & User-Friendly

Manage your physical security from a streamlined dashboard that’s easy for anyone to use—no technical experience required.

24/7 Remote Access

Get visibility across your entire organization — securely view video from anywhere, any time, on any device.

Unlimited Scalability

Manage unlimited devices and locations from a single pane of glass without impacting performance.

Powerful AI Analytics

Identify events quickly, accelerate investigations, and automate operations with advanced AI analytics.

Integration with the Best Solutions

Securely integrate with third-party solutions in minutes and create custom functionality with the Rhombus Open API.

Security & Privacy First

Created by cybersecurity experts, Rhombus features enterprise-grade encryption, automatic updates, and is routinely audited.

Smart Security Solutions For Any Industry

Don't see your industry? Contact us and we'll help tailor a solution to you!