Feeling safe everywhere

Integrous Risk Solutions offers a wide range of personally developed protection services ensuring our client’s peace of mind.

What Our Protection Services Include

Our security services enable our client’s to feel confident about the actions they take to protect their family, employees, operations, facilities, and assets.

Residential Security

Protection for our client’s loved ones and property from a myriad of threats, including home or privacy invasions, disturbances, trespassing, and other potential incidents.

Executive Protection

Protection that prioritizes the safety of our clients while anticipating potential threats associated with wealth, status, travel destinations, or other contributing factors.

Global Travel

Protection and safety for all travelers in every aspect of the trip from travel planning to destination intel.

Media Security

Protection includes invaluable information on foreign country travel including politics, geography, and cultural nuances ensuring journalists can complete their mission.

Event Security

Protection for attendees for all sizes of events from start to finish with priority on safety and security including crowd management and red carpet security.

Workplace Disruptions

Protect the workplace and employees with a security team of our licensed protective agents during times of difficulties such as strikes, layoffs, or leadership transitions and keep disruptions to a minimum.

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